Acerinox Europa suppliers

Acerinox Europa suppliers

As a company that strives to ensure the quality of the goods and services it contracts, Acerinox Europa goes to great lengths to guarantee that its acquisitions are carried out in a public, competitive and fair way. To this end, the selection process for suppliers is based on the principles of openness, equality and transparency, promoting among its SUPPLIERS the same principles for which our company stands in terms of its responsibility towards the social and natural environment.

Acerinox Europa uses the registration system known as Achilles Regic, managed for Achilles South Europe for the Classification of its suppliers. This is a database with up-to-date information on companies that serves the leading organisations in the sector. Access to Achilles Regic is permanently open to any supplier.

The accreditation of suppliers is only valid after the SUPPLIER signs and accepts Acerinox's General Conditions of Purchasing Goods and Procuring Services, as applicable, furthermore the Code of Conduct for Business Partners of the Acerinox Group:

Once accredited as an Acerinox Europa SUPPLIER, regular qualification checks will be carried out in order to ensure that the required standards of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety are maintained, among other requirements. This qualification check will enable Acerinox to confirm or reassess the level of trust granted with accreditation. In the event that the required standards are not met, Acerinox Europa can disqualify the SUPPLIER. This assessment will be carried out regularly on SUPPLIERS that have conducted commercial transactions.

In the event that, for any reason, the supplier company does not pass any of the stages of the accreditation process (Administrative, Environment, Health and Safety, and Technical), or is subsequently disqualified, they have no right to claim, appeal or take legal action, nor any right to indemnity for any costs or damages of any nature that may have been incurred due to their participation in the accreditation process. However, the supplier company may request that any documentation submitted to Acerinox for the purposes of the accreditation process be returned to them. Such requests must be made within a month from the date of notification of failure to acquire accreditation or disqualification.